How visible are you?

How good is your website? How accurate is your business info “out there” online? How much easier can you make it for people to find you?  Are you making the most out of getting customers from the Internet?

If you’re not sure of the answers to these and other important questions, you’re 


SEO has changed

Old-school practices such as keywords, link building, article syndication, blog commenting and so on, used to work incredibly well. Today it can get your website into deep trouble. 

The famed “Google Slaps” happen everyday now. And right now, local is more volatile than “regular old Google”, causing massive upheaval to businesses who may rely heavily on the local listings or the organic listings for a regular supply of customers. 

A Local Search Audit is like a “check-up” for your website – and the rest of your online presence –  through the lens of local. 

See your digital footprint like Google

local search aspects

What sets it apart from other SEO checkups, is that local has its own distinct quirks and requirements. We go well beyond what an automated tool checks and what the cheap or free “one-click” site audits cover. 

Instead, we’re looking at the big picture in the same way Google does.  Local SEO is more complicated and your master plan will reflect that.

The audit involves my personal attention to your your online footprint. I run my trained eyes over your website and dig into the corners of the internet.  I’m looking for what’s there, what’s missing, what’s great and what’s flat out wrong. 

From that investigation, you’ll receive a detailed Action Plan that lays it all out for you.  Better still, it tells you what you need to do to improve things.

Make it Easy for People to Find Your Business

This service comes in two forms:

  • Done for You– We work together usually for 3-6 months. While I’m working with your business, I won’t work with competitors in your area. After that you can go on a maintenance program or go back out on your own.
  • Do it Yourself – The report lays out all the bits I’d do myself – the only difference is in who does it.  It can be you (if you have an inner geek), your web designer or your technical staff.

Whichever service you choose, you will receive a solid plan of action.  The guide is the same for both and explains how to optimise your website and other online assets for favourable results wherever people are looking for a business like yours.

At the same time, you’ll be building a strong web presence and online visibility – all for the purpose of increasing visitors to your website, calls and feet to your door.

local seo audit checklist

Your Local SEO Action Plan Includes

  • What needs to be changed on existing pages – including “copy and paste” chunks of code in my report and pictures to help illustrate and for clarity
  • What new pages to add
  • Guideline violations
  • Google listing improvements
  • Issues with listings on directories and review sites – what’s there and missing
  • Reviews about your business (the good, the bad and the ugly – and what to do about them)
  • What you can improve on your social media profiles

You’ll also get direction and guidance on getting online reviews for your business.  They’re important to people looking for a business like yours, and help “pre-sell” people on you before they even look at your website or call you. You won’t receive advice about backlinks, blog networks, or any other form of advice that goes against the rules or even the spirit of the rules.  And if I find such things on your site (as I often do), I’ll bring them to your attention.  This is important, because the quality of your own website has a large influence on how well your Google places page performs.

Make it easy for people to find your business!