Local SEO Discovery Centre

Customers are looking for you or businesses that offer what you do, every day on the Internet.  This Local Search Discovery Centre is a collection of resources to help you improve your visibility online, so you can connect with them.

Customers will look up phone numbers, operating hours, and other contact info.  Potential customers will find out more about you before they call.  Even people referred by friends will “check you out” online if they can.

These resources will help you understand what local search is, how it works, and to help you get and keep more customers.

Helpful Links

Ever thought there must be a way to report this, get help, or “get there quicker” with the right link?  And then you find you’re not sure quite what words will do the magic and have the right link pop up in the search results…

We’ve collected some arguably important and not easy to find links to take you directly to useful resources on the web.

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Whether doing things yourself or working with a professional, understanding the language used makes a big difference for making smart decisions and minimising risk.

In this Glossary you’ll find a list of the most common search phrases with explanations and examples to turn what seems complex into the simple.

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