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Do It Yourself with the Most Thorough, Step-by-Step Course that shows you how to…

Create a Reputation That Will Have
People Eager to Do Business with You!

There’s one simple question to ask yourself…just how important is your business reputation?

Reviews are becoming the lifeline for businesses.

groupWith the rise and rise of review sites like Tripadvisor, womo, Eatability, and directory listings with reviews like Google+ and TrueLocal, people today can tell anyone and everyone what they think of you, both good and/or bad.

And if you have no reviews, once you have at least 10 positive reviews you’ll see very quickly how having no reviews was hurting your leads and sales!

Now, for the first time, you can take total control of your business reputation in the only Do-It-Yourself course of its kind – built specifically for Australian businesses … “the Reputation Marketing Method” – build your reputation and become the dominant player in your market place”.

Here’s what we reveal in this course so you can take your business to a whole new level…

What you’ll learn:

  • We show you a few effective and easy ways of having your clients leave reviews, and how to encourage them to do so. We’ll also cover the best time to ask your clients and how to do it so that more clients give them for your company.
  • The strategy we use that gets clients who would give you a 4 to 5 star leaving you reviews on the review sites or directory sites of your choice, and clients who would only give you a 1 to 3 star leaving you feedback you can capture why they didn’t have an excellent experience. While this won’t stop all negative reviews, it’ll greatly reduce them while at the same time massively increasing your positive reviews to increase your overall rating.
  • If searching for your company gives negative reviews or other negative entries on the first page of the search engine results, you’ll learn the strategy we use to get those negative items off the first page.
  • And more, including how to pass the dreaded review filters, how to respond appropriately to good and bad reviews, and how to leverage your marketing in a way most businesses don’t even think of.

By the time you’ve completed the course you’ll know how to build a very solid and very strong reputation for your business in your area. You’ll have the know-how to wipe out any negative reviews or hate sites that would affect people’s decision to do business with you, while also dramatically increasing the odds of it being you people are compelled to do business with.

Throughout this comprehensive course you’re discovering time-tested methods to massively increase your positive reviews, dramatically decrease negative ones and to build a compelling mental image with potential and current customers alike.

Purchasing The Course

The course includes written step-by-step guides and videos to show you how.

More importantly, you’ll love what this course will do for the financial future of your business.

You can purchase this course here. The price is just a one-time investment of $499. Or you can contact one of our team who can answer any questions you may have.

Plus, if we offer any discounts on the course they will be provided by our team. Call on (03) 9585-8845 if you have questions or to find out what discounts are available (if any). Alternatively, the Contact Us page can send us an email or you can write to us.

If you’d like to just order it now and get started at building your reviews, fixing review problems and building your image just click the button following …

Our 365 Day Money Back Guarantee Insures
Your Satisfaction & Peace Of Mind!

365gteeWe know the results you’ll get from putting in place what you’ll learn from the course! We know your sales will increase. We know your marketing efforts will be more successful. And we want you to feel completely at peace about your purchase. That’s why we offer the 365 day guarantee.

Within the next 90 days you should see a significant difference in your rating at the different review sites and directory sites after putting in place what you’ll learn from this course.

More importantly you should see an increase in leads and sales. As you’ll learn, reviews really do play a very important role in helping people make a decision on who they’re going to do business with.

By the way, the listing with the picture – even though Barbara is not first in the listing, you notice her, right? It’s the picture that draws your eyes to her business, isn’t it?

That’s why you want to learn how to accomplish the same thing – which makes Bonus #1 so valuable.
And isn’t it simply human nature to want to protect ourselves and make sure we’re making a good buying decision? No-one wants to spend money and have a bad experience or end up with a product they’re not happy with.  When you consider 70% ofpeople trust online reviews to influence their buying decisions it’s clear how you as a business owner can leverage this to the benefit of your company.

Or you could do nothing… and allow it to harm your business.

Remember, people are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. When you don’t have a formal process for gathering feedback and getting raving fans to leave you a review, you’re at the mercy of unhappy consumers who will gladly tell the whole city how unhappy they are with you.

Order now or call on 03) 9585 8845 for questions or what discounts, if any, are available.
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