Trusted Google Photographer

A Trusted Google Photographer is one who photographs your business location and places it in Google Maps. There are also many reasons someone would want to remotely be able to see the inside of a location as well.

Amateur shots don’t work with Google so be sure to hire the right kind of photographer. Google calls them ‘Google Trusted Photographers.’ In order to become one, certain criteria needs to be met to qualify.

First, Google suggests that at least 30 hours per week be spent on photographing so it’s important to have the availability. Have personal communication skills, door-to-door sales experience, and skills sets are important assets to succeed as a Google Trusted Photographer (GTP).

The goal of the GTP is to be easily reachable and the willingness to connect with local businesses to educate them on the benefits of having their business profiled in the Google Maps Business Profiles.

One your qualifications are approved by Google, you will be readily searchable, featured on Google, and business owners will have the ability to contact you directly. Google also offers training and software that builds the virtual tours so that you can become Google certified.

It typically takes about 2 hours to get the photographs needs to make a Google virtual tour and publish to Google Maps by using the online software tools provided by Google. This can be quite an opportunity for those photographers who already have real estate photography experience.

You can also apply for a certification thru the Street View/Trusted program that allows you to publish high-quality photo spheres. As a certified photographer you also get these benefits:

  •         Marketing resources like branded badges.
  •         Photo shoot requests.
  •         Dedicated help from Google.