Citations Campaign

What is a citations campaign?

citation locationsA citations campaign is where we search the web for places where your business is listed (or could be but isn’t).  There are some sites you wouldn’t think of, that Google considers as “votes of confidence” if it finds your business listed there.  These can help your Google My Business (aka Google Places) listing show higher in the list or on the map.

  • We make sure you’re in those.
  • We make sure you’re in the relevant industry and regional directories.
  • We make sure the details for places where your business is listed are all correct.  One client we worked with had 26 locations, yet nearly 10 times that in name and addresses variations!
  • Where possible we’ll add a description & logo of your business so that people that see your business get a consistent message and impression.
  • We also inevitably find your business listed in places you didn’t even know about.  That could be things like duplicate listings, unknown YouTube channels, unclaimed facebook pages, Twitter profiles and so on. You may have never set these up, but a lot of these things get populated by computer systems that hunt for business listings from anywhere on the web.
  • When we find those sites, we evaluate whether it’s a quality site or not. If no, we do our best to get it removed. If quality, then we claim the listing and make sure the info is updated.
  • At the end of the campaign, you get a record of all the places we’ve found your business listed, what we did to correct / claim / remove the listing, and its status at the time we stopped.
  • We also make note if there are customer reviews there.

Why do you need a citations campaign?

Foundation data

If you think of the game of poker, citations are like “table stakes” for local search.  If you want your listing to show in Google’s special listing with a map, your citations need to be in order.  If you want relevant backlinks and accurate information anywhere your business is found online, your citations need to be in order.

Branding & awareness

It never ceases to amaze me how people find a business on the web.  So we’re making sure we have the bases covered for the most likely places people will search.


A recent study by the Yellow Pages showed inconsistent information about a business on the web is one of the top reasons why a person will look for another business.

Online reviews

These are incredibly important these days. For some industries, and especially in competitive areas, these can be make or break.

Even if your business falls under AHPRA or HIPAA guidelines, you still need to know about them.

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