How to Make Your Business Stand Out

– Need to get better results from your advertising?
– Are you not getting enough quality customers?
– Not sure how to be heard in a competitive market?

Just in case you were wondering…

No-one is sitting around hoping and waiting for your ad to appear in the search results, their
news feed or in the local newspaper.

Except maybe you…

It is getting harder for your ads and your marketing to be noticed by the people you want to bring into your business. It is challenging in today’s hectic, electronic lives to promote your business and be heard.

You have a website, you’ve done some advertising (maybe online or traditional media). you have a little niggling feeling – maybe there’s still something missing, not quite right.  You’re advertising but…. you’re not getting the results you hoped.

Your niggling feeling is probably right – there is something missing.

Are you getting ripped off by advertisers?

Any business will take your money if you throw it at them.  Advertisers are no exception. So it falls back on you – which leads me to…

One of the most common mistakes I see business owners make when it comes to marketing their business is they think like – well, a business owner.  You want to talk about what you know, and what you do. That’s okay and perfectly normal.

Examples I see everyday:

  1. A dietician talks about the healthy eating plans – not losing weight naturally, easily and permanently, or having the energy to play with the grandkids, or controlling your diabetes without painful injections.
  2. A store sells lounge suites – not a comfortable, modern feature area in your home to kick-back, relax with your friends (who are amazed at how stylish your place is) and enjoy your favourite movie “Avatar”
  3. A dentist sells teeth whitening -not looking younger, or looking great in those important wedding photos, or being confident at your job interview, or making a good impression on your first date.

The thing is… what you do it isn’t what your customers want you to talk about.

Sure they do care about the features and the benefits, but what they really want is for you to talk about them.  They want to know the outcomes and results of using your product or service.  Whatever you sell is not a product or service – it’s a solution to a problem.  Solving that problem becomes an experience your customer wants.

The most effective way to sell the experience and not just your product or service is to understand your customer really, really well. I use the term “avatar” – you could call it your most perfect customer or the kind of person you want in your business.

This alone can turn your advertising around

This is an incredibly exciting time for you as a business owner. There is so much data available that you can go way beyond basic demographics. We know so much more than gender and postcode. We have access to more information than ever before, and as a result, we can do in-depth targeting.  If you know how…

Big agencies will tell you they’ve cut their process short. It now takes them only a month or so, plus just a few thousand on focus groups and online surveys. Small agencies sometimes forget to do this all together. And if they do, seldom do they do it to this level.

If you bootstrap, I can show you how to do this in just 3 hours.

Local businesses need a shortcut

markeitng shortcutThis workshop is that shortcut.  It has been distilled by a mastermind group of expert marketers with over 60 years marketing experience between them.  This same process has been tested and proved with marketing budgets ranging from six figures down to just a few hundred dollars.  I’ve re-engineered it to just 5 steps for local businesses.

  • Your headlines will stand out and resonate with the people you’re trying to reach. You’ll be “talking their language” and hitting on something important to them.
  • You get clarity about your customers – meaning you’ll make better decisions about your marketing spend.
  • Your team will be more connected; they’ll all be on the same page and clearer about who they’re providing product/services for.

In short, all your marketing will become more powerful.  You’ll have better headlines, better ad lines (ideal for online marketing), and better copy for your website, brochures and all forms of customer communication – even if you hire someone to do the writing for you!  This avatar becomes invaluable background to give a copywriter and will save you and them, hours and hours of effort and expense.

Level the playing field  – get market research without spending six figures

Make an avatar of your best customer and hang it on your office wall.

Market to that person.


Here’s the most common question I get asked.

I have more than one avatar. What do I do?

Start with one. Preferably your most likely one, most likely to be able to sell to.

Start now

The workshop costs just $399. Here’s what you get:

  1. I’ll give you a questionnaire which takes about 2 hours of thinking and writing time. You do this by yourself, and complete it before we both meet with your team.
  2. Next we spend an hour with your team, clarifying and brainstorming.
  3. Finally, you and I meet for an hour in a one-on-one session, review what’s been done so far and answer any questions you might have, I’ll then explain how you turn these words into profit and give you templates and the tools.

Once you’ve done the process, it’s something you can do over and over again, as you need and as your business grows. Of course if you want me involved next time, I’m happy to help.

Don’t let the advertising fat cats take more than their fair share!  Give me a call to book an Avatar Creation Workshop for your business. Make your marketing dollars put more profit in your pocket.