7 October, 2014

See what people are looking for in your city on Yelp

Yelp has a clever little tool to allow you to see what’s trending (in Yelp, of course). Another tool to add to your arsenal to find out more about your industry, seasonality, peaks and troughs.

Here’s an example screenshot I did for a business in Sydney – it’s a micro-brewery / restaurant.


Check it out here ->

If you’re in Sydney, tell them Margaret sent you! (Sadly they’re no longer in business)

Two years on it is restricted to just the capital cities in Australia, nothing for New Zealand, and only the bigger cities in the US and Europe.  So its usefulness is somewhat limited.  If you’re in a popular vertical such as restaurants, then you might get some useful insights.

My guess is the tool never really took off so development on it has stopped.