27 November, 2012

Professional clicking services exposed

Sometimes it takes the obvious taken to the ridiculus – for us to see the folly of our ways.

Ever hear people bragging about how many Facebook followers they have? How many Twitter followers they have? How many links they have, and so on?

Opportunists have rushed in to provide seriously dubious services to provide more of whatever it is the claim to fame.  Happy to take the money of people who think social media is about “how much”, not quality. They’re happy to play the pundits.

But the jig is up.

Facebook has “edgerank” – among other things, it measures how much people really interact with you, not just how many likes you get. This determines whether your status updates show on their pages or not. If you get good interaction, your rank grows and your posts show on more timelines.

Twitter has a long way to go, but the recent lawsuits and disabling of parts of their service to reduce spam, are a step in the right direction.

And Google – oh, just forget it.  If you haven’t yet, you’re going to be nailed for trying to trick them!

So how ’bout we go about the good-old-fashioned way of doing business?

You know, the things that have always worked well…good service to your customers, taking an interest in them and adding value to their lives.

All these technologies are just different tools to do the same thing. They’re not about tricking the machine, they’re about connecting people.

The Internet is the greatest leveler to business. It’s enormously empowering. Now you really can compete against the big brands, no matter how small you may be!

And you can because you can do business with heart, tweet with integrity, and Facebook with authenticity.

That is what gets clicks.