19 February, 2014

♪ Oh, no, there goes San Antone, go go GoogleZilla…♫

Maybe that’s not fair to twist the famous Blue Öyster Cult hit. Love that song…

So what’s the deal with San Antonio, not Tokyo? It’s been eaten by a car carrier company. Or GoogleZilla ate it, not sure which.

This glitch was initially reported about a week ago, and I’m amazed it’s still there. It’s kind of funny, so I thought I’d share it with you.

If you search for the city using Google, you’ll see the strangest thing.
A usual search results page for a city shows like this:
Melbourne City 2
San Antonio Tx looks like:
SA city 2
That’s odd. But this is where it gets funny – go to Google maps and find it.
Again, a search for Melbourne looks like you’d expect. Note the outline of the metro area, the dot in the city centre, and the info box on the left side – including directions.
Melbourne city
But this is what you get with SA, Tx. Weird, yes?
SA city 2

This is getting good. Now let’s see if I can get directions from Denver to San Francisco (one of my favourite cities in the US). SF directions Pretty straight-forward. Just hop a plane. Or drive, if you have 18 and a bit hours to kill.

Can I go to San Antonio.
SA directions
“We could not find San Antonio Tx.”

But… look closely; you’ll see in the State of Texas, San Antonio is right there on the map. So what happened to it?

Guess the Maps team have some glitches to sort out.

I haven’t yet found any places in Australia that have been gobbled up. Still, I think I’ll just hang on to my old-fashioned Melways for a wee bit longer!
Hat-tip: Ryan Hill and Ryan Mower
And for those who like a trip down memory lane: