27 June, 2012

SEO for local businesses in less than 10 minutes

Local business owners who have websites understand there’s a “thing” called SEO that they need to have on their site.  But what it is, why and how are not so clear.

Google recently created a brilliant little video that tells you the most important aspects you need to know. Even though the title says start-ups, it applies to most local and small businesses.
It gets a little technical at first, but don’t give up – keep watching, and if you have questions, ask below!

Top five takeaways:

  1. Do ensure your site has analytics, whether you’re ready to use it or not. You will at some point, so the longer the history, the better.
  2. Think about the visitor! (3:30)
  3. Skip meta keywords – the major search engines ignore it (Google and Bing). It also is an easy way for competitors to spy on what phrases you want people to search on to find your page or site.
  4. Do spend time crafting a good title and meta description (summary of the page). It’s not just about the search engines, it also helps attract people to your page when they see it listed on the page of search results.
  5. Avoid agencies or people that “guarantee rankings”.  Yes, it is too good to be true.

You can create a list of these things and hand them to whomever is managing or maintaining your website.