24 November, 2014

Google Webmasters Series: Part 4 – Basic Implementation and Best Practices

Part 3 – Find Potential Customers

Continuing the Google video series, this video gives 7 great tips for implementation and ends with some best practices on achieving online success.

1) Create or expand a Google My Business (Google+) page to help reach Google searchers, accept reviews and can be used as a ‘lightweight’ home page.
2) Expand presence to other relevant channels and make it a priority to add your business to the most effective ones.
3) Include the basics; address, phone, hours and rates.
4) Let customers know you’re online.
5) Build strong engagement by stating value-add and answer common questions.
6) Cross-link and reference multiple channels
7) Consider building a website if your online goals cannot be met with existing channels.

Implementing these 7 steps can help to bring the potential customers down the sales funnel ultimately to conversion. Learn more in this video.

Part 5 – Differentiate Business Competition