22 June, 2017

Google extends Review Notifications

review notice emailDuring the 3rd week of June, 2017,  Google quietly extended the review notifications for listings from just the primary owner, to any user on the listing with review notifications enabled.

This has been a much requested feature, and we’re delighted it has rolled out.


As with every rule, there are the seemingly necessary exceptions:

You won’t receive review notifications if:

  1. The listing was verified in bulk (even if it’s on a single listing account now)
  2. The account has more than 100 listings on it, even if the listings have not been bulk verified

Not available

Still pending is the ability for bulk listings to be able to turn on notifications for specific listings.

There was a temporary glitch with the notices that meant every bulk listing was sending notifications.  While popular with some, it was resoundly howled down.

Don’t hold your breath for this sometimes requested feature.