27 February, 2013

Down with Hashtags

hashtagsI love twitter, really.  It’s full of people sharing funnies, interesting articles, opinions, and of course quotes from famous people because they couldn’t think of anything else to say (or because they read somewhere that quotes are the most re-tweeted tweets.

But please, can you make your tweets about something of substance, not hashtags?

Yes, you want your post to be seen by a larger group of people.  Yes, they’re supposed to get you more retweets.  Yes, they’re supposed to get you more followers.  And yes, it’s fun to “join in on the conversation”.

The thing is…

The world doesn’t need hashtags for #EveryLittleThingYourBusinessDoesIsOrWantsToBe. We don’t need a #hashtag #for #every #word #in #your #tweet, in your attempt to get noticed.

Get noticed instead because you actually contribute something to the Twittersphere and the web.

Or put another way – (watch video). My fave is the very last hashtag.