27 May, 2015

5 YouTube SEO Tips

A colleague contacted me recently, asking for feedback on his infographic about YouTube SEO tactics.  It’s a good high-level look at getting more out of YouTube for visitors to your website, and getting found in the search results.

Local SEO for YouTube

I thought I’d share the summary and add suggestions about how you can make it work for Local SEO.

  1. Make the video worth watching. No-brainer, and harder than it might seem. If you make the video about what you are interested in, not what your customers are interested in, you run a high risk of being irrelevant. Getting into the head of your intended watcher of the video is key.

    All the optimisation in the world can’t help a terrible video


  2. Great Meta Info. Absolutely.
    And if you want to put a little twist on it for Local Search, be sure to include the full name, address, phone and even a link to your website in the description. Be sure the address is the same as the one on your Google My Business page.
  3. Optimise your channel. Really good advice. One of the missed opportunities I see all the time is the channel “about” area.
    And like the video meta information, place your contact details in the about section.
  4. Keywords. This is the trickiest of them all – most people think more keywords is better. That is “so last year” when it comes to getting the attention of the search engines, and these days might get you into trouble. I’d also like to add: be a big fish in a little pond, not the other way around. By that I mean don’t necessarily aim for keywords everyone searches for, test less obvious phrases that will have less competition.
     You could also add your business location (eg suburb or city/state) if it fits naturally into the title.
  5. Set up playlists. Great idea. In addition to making playlists themed by keywords, you could create ones around your area for the local search aspect.
     Ideas: Make a video of businesses in your immediate surrounding strip of shops, interview a local council member on a topic of what’s planned for development in your area, maybe even do one of local services and amenities. Keep your customers in mind when you do these playlists – what will they find interesting/useful?4

One last point I like about Anton’s infographic to bring to your attention.  We’re used to “SEO” being a geek thing, something only computer people understand.  And that’s okay if you have an inner geek, but not so good if you run a local shop and a computer isn’t your second home.  His tips have a strong underpinning of thinking about videos from the customer or viewer perspective, with a few techie bits thrown in.  And that’s how it should be – Google rewards businesses who build videos (and websites) for p.e.o.p.l.e., not search engines. And the reward you get is more people see your videos.

see the full infographic here: [Infographic] 5 Crucial YouTube SEO Tactics You Need To Use