24 March, 2011

Life Lessons From A Football Coach

Takeaways from the clip
When building your business:

  • The power of a big goal
  • Taking a few more steps, even if you are tired
  • Reaching deep inside to give it your all
  • The power of having a good coach who is cheering us on every step of the way
  • Giving your word to do your best
  • The willingness to aim beyond a level you have achieved before, even if you are not sure how you will achieve it
  • The encouragement of a friend or a coach at a timely moment…

Leading others:

  • Asked his player to give him his personal best – not someone else’s “best.”
  • Broke the task down into manageable steps (only 40 more steps, only 50 more, etc.)
  • Stayed with his player the whole time to support his efforts.
  • Quite strong with his player – even shouting at him – but it was all positive.
  • He “demystified” the whole process by explaining exactly how that smaller success could lead to bigger ones.
What did you get as the *big* takeaway for you?