Growing your local businesses with the least effort for the most return.

Hi! Nice to meet you! I’m Margaret.

Since you’re reading this page, I assume you’re after my backstory. So here goes…

This whole crazy journey of becoming a local business promoter started as a hobby just for myself, and grew to be something I love to do for others. Many years ago the Internet and all its potential caught my eye. I began researching, studying, and copying what really successful marketers were doing. 

I learned the hard way that www really meant wild wild web – rather like the wild wild west. You have to be careful of sharks and charlatans who promise a magic silver bullet to end all your problems, take your money and then are gone again.

You’re left with that pit in your stomach, a sense of frustration and the reminder there is no silver bullet.

I failed and tried again until I found the best of the best

I spent years finding the best sources of local business marketing advice and Internet technology advice. I spent thousands honing my own skills and sifting through who was the real deal (not just after fast money), and who had their finger on the pulse. As I did this, a vision began to form of a business that could keep others from making the same costly mistakes; a business that could provide affordable marketing consulting and services to enable business owners like you, to bring your own dreams and desires to life.

How you can benefit

I learned how to break things down, prioritise and created a proven step-by-step system to get your business name “out there” and be found. Each step builds on and leverages on the last to get even better results out of all your marketing efforts, traditional and online. 

My strategies are built on what efforts really work for a business in your industry – not on the latest internet fad. The focus is results, not hype.

Feel free to contact me at any time on any issue such as: 

  • “I want to get started online, can you walk me through the process?” 
  • “I’ve been operating for a while, but my marketing just isn’t pulling like I want.” 
  • “I can’t do this all by myself anymore, I need to work with a specialist.”

Bragging rights

Google Top Contributor Program

In 2016 I was invited to become on of just 10 people in the world who have achieved the “Top Contributor” status for the Google My Business product.  This is an honour awarded by Google in recognition for the expertise and dedication to helping people around the world with their business listings.

Call me now so you can get back to running your business and serving customers,
not running in circles after the latest Internet thing…